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January 4, 2013
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The full moon rises

"Did I mention how much I hate you, Black?"
Lily's question spread between the hospital beds. James turned a page in the Evening Prophet and answered without looking at Lily: "Yes, you did. This was the fifty-second time."
"Still doesn't express the hatred I feel for him.", she grumbled and tried to sit up in the bed with several painful hisses coming from her mouth.
"You should be grateful, Evans", said Sirius from the opposite bed. "You don't have to study for a few days."
"I'll let you know if I want to burn as if I was in the ninth pit of hell again." She answered him with contempt.

Nr. 88746351 CRIMINAL FILE

LOCATION: United Kingdom, Scotland, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Charms classroom
INJURED: L. Evans, S. Black, P. Pettigrew, five Slytherin students, a Chinese vase, three windows, four benches, forty-six valuable books
CASUALTIES: a bunch of tulips
SUSPECT(S): S. Black
WITNESS(ES): sixteen Gryffindor students, twelve Slytherin students, Prof. F. Flitwick of Charms
ACTION: Afore-named suspect attempted to cast the so called firecharm, Globus Igneo, mentioned by his teacher to display his strength in the 58th minute of the 2nd hour in the afternoon on the above mentioned day. S. Black, sixth year Gryffindor student created a fireball which he could not have controlled. Although several students tried to blow it out with the incantation Aguamenti, all of the attempts were in vain. The fireball mentioned above wounded Miss L. Evans, Messrs P. Pettigrew and S. Black (the perpetrator) and five more students from Slytherin House. A Chinese vase, three windows, forty-six books, four benches and a bunch of tulips constitutes material loss. The globe left the room after the devastation through the window and in the Black Lake of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, it permanently burnt out.
PUNISHMENT FOR THE PERPETRATOR(S): two months of detention by Minerva McGonagall Transfiguration professor and Deputy Headmistress


Lily couldn't believe she got to the Hospital on the very first school day after the winter holiday. When Sirius got the idea to test his abilities with creating a huge fireball in the middle of Charms, Lily thought he was not normal. But now, lying on the very uncomfortable iron framed bed, her opinion changed about Black: he wasn't only an idiot, but a raving maniac.

Madam Pomfrey rushed into the hospital room with three phials of the tinctures she treated the wounds of the injured with.
"Mr. Potter, it is time for you to leave now. Your friend is more dangerous when you are around as well."
"Yes, Madam Pomfrey", said James, releasing a sigh. He closed the newspaper he was reading and stood up. While Madam Pomfrey put some salve on Peter's wounds, James leant to Sirius. Lily saw he whispered something that made Sirius grin like he always did when they were up to something. For a moment, she was curious but then she decided it's better if she doesn't know what's going on. Either way she was always in the middle of the trouble these two caused.

Madam Pomfrey finished daubing Peter's wounds and went to Lily. She put some of the three tinctures on Lily's burns. She was hissing all the time she got treated.
"I'm sorry, Miss Evans, but this is the only way I can treat you."
"What's that you put on my arm?", asked Lily curiously, since she was interested in any form of potions.
"It is called Liquidice", replied the old Matron. "It cools the burning area."
"Yeah, I noticed it", said Lily, watching the white freeze spreading on the wound while it sizzled like a freshly cooked piece of meat.
"This is a disinfectant to prevent bacteria to get in the mere flesh", Madam Pomfrey went on. She took the third phial. "And the last one is called Regenero-potion. This makes the new skin grow faster."
At the moment she finished her sentence, tiny pink membrane formed in the corner of the arm-long wound. Madam Pomfrey anointed the rest of Lily's wounds and stepped to Sirius's bed.

Lily would have liked to fight with Sirius while there was no threat to hex each other, but she turned to her side and closed her eyes. She recalled the scene in the afternoon when she could not resist the temptation to use Bat-Bogey Hex on Sirius after an abundant quarrel. Although Madam Pomfrey took their wands away, Lily was satisfied with her work. With the happy memory of Sirius's face while little black bats were flying out of his nose, Lily fell asleep.

Her dream was a mess. She stood on the edge of a big rock, watching the sunset. She was enjoying the view with her cat in her arms, but after a few moments, McGonagall appeared next to her and started to whisper about something, but Lily couldn't hear her. She kept asking what the Professor said, but a large bang awakened her.

The bang came from the direction of the huge door. She was sure of it, because two annoyed voices sounded from the corridor.
"Told you not to slam it!"
"I didn't, this damn door is heavy!"
"Whatever, let's get out of here."
Lily jumped out of her bed, but she instantly regretted her decision – she tore open one of her wounds. She cursed for a second, then put on her cloak and paddled to the door. She pushed the door handle and stepped to the dimmish corridor. She didn't see anyone there. Half of her mind suggested going back to sleep, but the other half shouted for an adventure. She was almost absolutely sure that one of the voices she heard from the corridor belonged to Sirius.

Lily started off on the corridor. Her heart was beating as fast as if she was running. Her right fist was clenched, even though her wand rested in Madam Pomfrey's room. She definitely missed it in that moment.

After some fast steps she heard the sound of feet she didn't consider as her own. For a moment she was overcome by fear that the footsteps she heard were Filch's, but in the same moment, a leg covered in pyjama pants occurred in the middle of the corridor. Lily's emerald green eyes became as round as two plates but she didn't dare to say anything, just followed the right leg in the blue-striped bottom and slippers.

Lily and the leg reached the oak doors. One of the door handles got pressed down. The leg walked out of the castle and the door closed. Lily bit her lower lip. She would have had to turn around and get back to the Hospital. It was the middle of the night.
"I will so regret this", she whispered for herself and opened the door again.
She tried to close the door quietly, but it slammed with a loud sound. As she turned around to see where the leg went, she encountered James and Sirius.
"Evans!", shouted Sirius in surprise.
"What are you doing here?!", James hissed.
"I could ask you the same!", Lily replied, crossing her arms around her cloak.
"Get back to the castle, Evans, it's dangerous out here!" Sirius whispered.
"Dangerous?" Lily frowned. "What do you mean by dangerous?"
"He meant cold", said James quickly. "You're going to catch a cold."
"What are you two up to?" Lily narrowed her eyes.
"Just go back, okay?", Sirius spat at her.
"I'm not going back!" Lily insisted.

The conversation was interrupted by a yowl from somewhere around the Forbidden Forest. Lily was blinking frightened. James stepped in front of her, two stairs under the stair she was standing on, so that their eyes got in line.
"I beg you, Lily, go back to the castle!", James looked at her with his eyes wide open. The reflection of the full moon in his glasses was an eyesore to her. "You have to listen to me, it's…"
"Prongs!", bellowed Sirius.
James turned his head and Lily peeked above his left shoulder. There was no trace of Sirius, but a large black dog was snarling to the direction of the woods.
"Shit!", murmured James and turned back to Lily. He grabbed her shoulders and said: "Please, go back. If you do so, I'll explain everything in the morning."

James turned on his heels and ran towards the dog. Lily was just about to go back to the castle when she heard the yowl again -- it was much closer than before. She glanced at the way James went, but she didn't find him. Only a proud stag and the dog were sprinting to the Forbidden Forest. She watched the two animals astonished when she heard a loud growl from her left side. She turned her head slowly to face an enormous werewolf.
I think I had a bit too much freetime and my brain overflowed and creeped up to my computer. Anyway, here's the next chapter. Bon appetit! :D

Previous chapter: Unexpected gifts
Next chapter: The blatant truth

HP (c) JKR
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